Who is Goodwood Capital? (GWC)

Goodwood Capital Limited is listed on the NZX Main Board (NZX ticker: GWC).

Goodwood Capital is actively investigating opportunities to acquire one or more existing business operations via a “reverse takeover transaction” (“RTO”).

What is an RTO?

An RTO is a transaction structured such that GWC would acquire 100% of the business assets, or the shares in the company that owns the business assets, in consideration for the payment of cash and/or the issue of new shares in GWC, to the vendors, to fund the acquisition.

The new business acquired would then effectively become a subsidiary of the GWC (the listed company), trading on the NZX Main Board. The stakeholders in the business acquired, would ultimately become shareholders in GWC as part of the RTO, and would have representation at the Board level as appropriate.

In conjunction with the RTO process, GWC would seek to raise additional growth capital to assist in funding the future growth of the business.

Investment Criteria

GWC is focusing on business opportunities that satisfy one or more of the following investment criteria:

  • The business has excellent personnel and management
  • The business operates in an attractive and positive business sector
  • The business has a robust business model
  • The business has solid historical earnings, or alternatively has a sound business platform from which to implement its business plan and generate strong earnings in the future;
  • The business owns proprietary intellectual property
  • The business has potential to grow organically, via acquisition, or through the further investment in capital plant
  • The business has the potential to scale internationally
  • The business would benefit from being able to raise additional capital on the market
  • Is likely to generate superior returns for GWC and its existing shareholders