Who is WasteCo Group Limited

WasteCo Group Limited is listed on the NZX main board

The WasteCo Group (WasteCo) owns and operates a range of business activities associated with waste and refuse collection, recycling and disposal, street cleaning, and other industrial services.

The business operations of WasteCo comprise:

  • Environmental services, which comprise the following operations:
    • Waste collection via front load bins, hook bins, skip bins and wheelie bins from both commercial and private customers.
    • A large gantry collection operation in Christchurch.
    • Road sweeping for Councils and commercial customers. WasteCo operates an extensive sweeping operation in the South Island.
    • Waste sorting and diversion. WasteCo operates a 3,600 square metre dedicated sorting facility in Christchurch with a strong focus on diversion from landfill. WasteCo is currently achieving global diversion in excess of 50% of waste away from the landfill.
    • A new specialised facility for the collection and treatment of medical and quarantine waste, which has recently been implemented by WasteCo.
    • Training services. WasteCo provides internal and external training courses, both to its own staff and to third party organisations.

  • Industrial services, which comprise the following operations:
    • High pressure water blasting, urgent spill response services, vacuum loading, septic tank cleaning and portaloos. These services are offered on a 24/7/365 basis. WasteCo is one of the largest providers of industrial services in the South Island.
    • Port services. WasteCo provides maintenance, cleaning and auxiliary services to several ports and shipping companies in the South Island.