20/07/2021 ADMIN Director nominations
15/07/2021 SECISSUE Private placement allotment
31/06/2021 ANNREP Annual Report 2021
27/05/2021 FLLYR Full Year Results to 31 March 2021
29/12/2020 SHINTR SPH Notice – Derek Handley and Far East Associated Traders
16/12/2020 SHINTR SPH Notice – Mounterowen Limited
16/12/2020 SECISSUE Completion of placement and part debt conversion
10/12/2020 MEETING Results of annual meeting of shareholder
09/12/2020 GENERAL Annual Meeting of Shareholders – Chairman’s address
30/11/2020 ADMIN Entry into Subscription Agreements
24/11/2020 HALT Lifting of Suspension of Quotation
24/11/2020 MEETING NOM | Proxy Form
17/11/2020 HALFYR Half Year results for release to the market | Unaudited Interim Financial Statements
13/11/2020 SECISSUE Private placement allotment
9/11/2020 ADMIN Annual Report
6/11/2020 FLLYR GWC Annual Report
GWC Audited Financial Results for FY20 (in liquidation)
30/10/2020 SHINTR Initial Disclosure Notice – Roger Hamilton Gower
30/10/2020 MKTUPDTE Company restructure
28/10/2020 MEMO Snakk Media Limited (“SNK”) – Name Change
28/10/2020 ADMIN Name change to Goodwood Capital